Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tidal Wave of Piccies

Well, when I say tidal wave, it will seem like it took me hours and like i gathered thousands of pics. In reality, I will probably only end up with 5.

Ah vell.

They vill be five good ones. :)

Some pencils by Yours Truly :)

And a floating hibiscis by the same!

you'd have to see it to believe it, eh?, Doc Tony?

A really rad pic by vaneska~tHOmz!

Cute Paris piccy from Payuta Louro!

Retro Chair-O-Plane fun from manganite!

Oh I love fisheye lenses!! Thank you toA.aFoudry!

My sort of Jack-O-Lantern!! Thanks jpghouse!

This is a-freaking-mazing!! You rock Sweetz_eyez!

I was looking for a rad guitar pic, but just couldn't go past this! Ta, Jordan Kiley!

YAY! More than five! YAY!!


Tomorrow's Friday.



1 comment:

Sarah Von said...

Fastastic pics! I really like the lady in white with the apple - sexy and sweet.