Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's raining men...

Lovely lightning thanks to encouragement :)

Whoo... Its raining outside. Which is actually quiet nice, as I'm inside watching it cascade down the windows. I hope it storms tonight. Storms are sooo rad!!

How good is lightning? Its so amazing to watch, and it's never the same. It's also so great as its so dangerous, but yet so beautiful. A bit like some animals. Like the anenome. That thing is so rad!
And the box jelly fish. It has the best life ever!! Flaoting around until something swims into its domain then, BAM, you're gone.
And those bugs that are so bright, when their whole purpose is to tell you to stay away, you always want to get that little bit closer.

Bugs like this little fella

Thats all for today.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cute Words *squeeze*

Thanks to snippy.snippy.crap.kristine for this uber-cute candy mosaic! I could eat it all up!

There's some words that just sound so cute. They feel warm and fuzzy. They're fun to say. They make you happy. They prove that although English may be a horrible subject, there's also a bright side.

Some cute words*:
♥ bellybutton fluff
♥ bubble
♥ squishy
♥ cupcake
♥ raspberry
♥ squelch
♥ foofy
♥ fuzzle
♥ ruffle
♥ titular

*some of these may of may not be made up :)

Do you feel the happy waves coming already?

And remember, when you feel sad, keep in mind that rubber duckies smile through anything and everything. They see lots of people naked and keep smiling :P You should too! :) (the smiling, not the seeing lots of people naked ;) )

Quack quack!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pinboard #1

Thanks Incendios!

Here's a few sites on my 'Most Hit' List at the moment:

Word clouds!-This is really, really cool!! Just type in some text, and it come out with a cloudy collage of words. It's really nice. My background before the one of my cat (who is now missing :( ) was the lyrics from Glycerine, by Bush, arranged in a colourful cloud. is really really nice! She inspired me to create my own blog. A really really good site!

Flickr-yes, it's a photo storage site, but its also a treasure trove for amazing photos. And better still, you don't even need to be a member!

Cyanide and Happiness-Oh my god, these cartoons are sooo cute!! I especially love this one. How cool are they!?

Dumb Little Man-who isn't dumb at all. This one is pretty good, for obvious reasons ;)

And here are some really interesting sites:

Heat sensitive paint-wow, this is really cool. Its pretty amazing, actually.

Cake wrecks-ahaha, these are so funny/cute/disastrous!

Have fun, kiddies!!

A dirty little town on the Thames is calling you away...

Thanks Akcjia / Katarina 2353!!

Oh my god. Watching the closing ceremony last night of the Olympics my love for this city was just revived. City being London. So, yeah, I've never been there, but if I could live anywhere, it would be there. It's way nice. Nice to see Becks was there :)

And on the topic of Olympics... Michael Mitcham!! You bloody legend!! He is freaking rad. For anyone who doesn't know (ie, you live under a rock or aren't Australian), he was on his last dive, trailing 108 points to China. So he stood there, no hope of winning gold (he was in the silver position) and he pulled out an amazing 112.6 point dive! 4 10s and 3 9.5s. It was amazing!! He broke China's almost definite run of 8 out of 8 diving gold medals.

Congratulations to all our athletes. You did us all proud. Unfortunately, now we have to watch lame-o TV shows as the network has no more sport to show. Thanks...

Aussie aussie aussie!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008


A big thanks to clickr_clickr!!

I'm really annoyed right now. I had a huge post full of pictures ready to post, but my computer went whack and managed to delete all the info that I'd collected over 3 hours, in between doing other things. Damn.

So instead, I'll just post this really really nice photo I found. I love it!!

Anyway, off to do the portfolio that I've been procrastinating against for so long!


Some really nice photos

YAY!! I managed to find the post with my nice pics on it! YAY!

I still think I managed to delete half the photos, but here's some of em. WHOO!


Beach huts down in Melbourne. Beautiful! Thanks tengtan!

A cute retro cupcake. I'm feeling hungry now!! Thanks Kylie Lambert!

Wow, do these look ultra-good or what?! Thanks Varf!

This photo is amazing. Seriously. Thanks clickr_clickr!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie

Thanks to shilkpatel!

This has gotta be my fave band at the moment. They're an indie band that's been around for a while. Their lyrics are amazing, and their use of guitar, bass and drums with some added touches (like the beatbox in Photobooth) is beautiful.

To me, the songs are almost like reminiscing about the summer. How's this for brilliant lyrics?
"...I remember when the days were long,
and the nights when the living room was on the lawn.
Constant quarreling and childish fits,
and our clothes in a pile on the ottoman.
all the slander and double speak
were only foolish attempts to show you did not mean
anything but the blatant proof was your lips touch mine in the photobooth..."

lyrics from Photobooth.

Doesn't it just make you think about summer love? ('oh wella wella wella AH', and cue Grease dance)

A seriously good band. If you haven't heard them, you really should.

You can check out the Myspace here


Monday, August 18, 2008

Sick today... :(

Thanks toPip_Wilson for this image :)

A day alone with a cold-y flu thing I got from Mum. Thanks mum. Here's a piece of creative writing I did late last year. It was actually the first piece of creative writing I did. I was pretty happy with it.

Our stimulus was 'Sense of Place.' Here's where I took it:

She whispers in my ears. A constant dull thudding, always calling me. Always there. Her deep blue eyes bore into mine, everywhere I look. I can feel the scraping along my feet. My legs. The cool, calming rush upon my toes. But she runs away. Just as she has done for the past million years. Leaving nothing but a white trail to show her path, before coming up to erase it yet again. Treading the path shown to her by her forefathers, who live for such a short time. I take a step. Feel her embrace clamping around my ankles. The dull throbbing as she ebbs around me.





Rising, only to fall, disappearing as fast as she came. Leaving a mere imprint of smoke upon my legs. The smell out salt reaches my nose. The sea breeze has finally blown in. To blow away the pain.

Breathe deep.

Bend down.

Blasted by the untame blue monster. The bitter-sweet taste is fresh in my mouth. That taste of all the sea-life, the taste of salty sands, sure upon my tongue. My teeth. As yet again she breathes,





Rising up, only to fall yet again. She is silent for a moment. Only a moment. But she makes up for the stillness will a breath. Louder. Bigger. Better. My knees are wet now. The cool breeze makes the wetness on my body turn icy. Stepping out, picking up my soft towel, wrapping the warm comfort about me. Stepping onto the rough, untidy sands. Ripping under my skin. But I will return.

Hope you likey.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Post! *blows out candle*

Ooh first post!! YAY!! I'm pumped for what this could be. Hopefully I give you something entertaining to read over time. HOPEFULLY.

I wil try to update this as much as possible. It may be a bit hard with school and sport, but I'll do my best.

I apologise in advance for any bad spelling errors. My computer can be a bit hows-ya-father at times.

And sorry if any of the images I use here are actually yours. I don't mean to use them for my personal gain. if you want me to remove them, I will.

Ending on a positive note, I hope you like what this is turning out to be :)