Monday, August 25, 2008

Pinboard #1

Thanks Incendios!

Here's a few sites on my 'Most Hit' List at the moment:

Word clouds!-This is really, really cool!! Just type in some text, and it come out with a cloudy collage of words. It's really nice. My background before the one of my cat (who is now missing :( ) was the lyrics from Glycerine, by Bush, arranged in a colourful cloud. is really really nice! She inspired me to create my own blog. A really really good site!

Flickr-yes, it's a photo storage site, but its also a treasure trove for amazing photos. And better still, you don't even need to be a member!

Cyanide and Happiness-Oh my god, these cartoons are sooo cute!! I especially love this one. How cool are they!?

Dumb Little Man-who isn't dumb at all. This one is pretty good, for obvious reasons ;)

And here are some really interesting sites:

Heat sensitive paint-wow, this is really cool. Its pretty amazing, actually.

Cake wrecks-ahaha, these are so funny/cute/disastrous!

Have fun, kiddies!!

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