Monday, August 18, 2008

Sick today... :(

Thanks toPip_Wilson for this image :)

A day alone with a cold-y flu thing I got from Mum. Thanks mum. Here's a piece of creative writing I did late last year. It was actually the first piece of creative writing I did. I was pretty happy with it.

Our stimulus was 'Sense of Place.' Here's where I took it:

She whispers in my ears. A constant dull thudding, always calling me. Always there. Her deep blue eyes bore into mine, everywhere I look. I can feel the scraping along my feet. My legs. The cool, calming rush upon my toes. But she runs away. Just as she has done for the past million years. Leaving nothing but a white trail to show her path, before coming up to erase it yet again. Treading the path shown to her by her forefathers, who live for such a short time. I take a step. Feel her embrace clamping around my ankles. The dull throbbing as she ebbs around me.





Rising, only to fall, disappearing as fast as she came. Leaving a mere imprint of smoke upon my legs. The smell out salt reaches my nose. The sea breeze has finally blown in. To blow away the pain.

Breathe deep.

Bend down.

Blasted by the untame blue monster. The bitter-sweet taste is fresh in my mouth. That taste of all the sea-life, the taste of salty sands, sure upon my tongue. My teeth. As yet again she breathes,





Rising up, only to fall yet again. She is silent for a moment. Only a moment. But she makes up for the stillness will a breath. Louder. Bigger. Better. My knees are wet now. The cool breeze makes the wetness on my body turn icy. Stepping out, picking up my soft towel, wrapping the warm comfort about me. Stepping onto the rough, untidy sands. Ripping under my skin. But I will return.

Hope you likey.

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