Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cute Words *squeeze*

Thanks to snippy.snippy.crap.kristine for this uber-cute candy mosaic! I could eat it all up!

There's some words that just sound so cute. They feel warm and fuzzy. They're fun to say. They make you happy. They prove that although English may be a horrible subject, there's also a bright side.

Some cute words*:
♥ bellybutton fluff
♥ bubble
♥ squishy
♥ cupcake
♥ raspberry
♥ squelch
♥ foofy
♥ fuzzle
♥ ruffle
♥ titular

*some of these may of may not be made up :)

Do you feel the happy waves coming already?

And remember, when you feel sad, keep in mind that rubber duckies smile through anything and everything. They see lots of people naked and keep smiling :P You should too! :) (the smiling, not the seeing lots of people naked ;) )

Quack quack!

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