Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pinboard #2

Thanks to Canis Major.

Come for a looksey at the pinboard...

♥ I found this really cool site called Muxtape. Basically you upload MP3s and make little retro mix tapes for mates. Whoo!

This" is a cartoon I find funny, cause I'm barely starting to do half the things. Oh boy.

♥ Have a look at Eye Catchy Pics. There's some really good ones there. I especially like this one. The baby drink time ones are a bit bad, specially the ciggie one. Ugh.

♥ These paper sculptures are amazing. Seriously. You just have to look. Also, check out Jen Stark's range. Beautiful.

Aaand that should just about do it.

Sweeeeeet Caroline...

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