Sunday, September 14, 2008

Turn of the season and all...

Thanks to Joe Pineapples, who has cool a cool name.

Summer is coming!! Or winter for the northern kiddies. So here's a few favourite things from summer...

♥ Staying out until ungodly hours of the night without freezing your bot bot off

♥ It's light til about 9pm!

♥ Long days at the beach without a care in the world

♥ Outdoor movie theatres (especially DIY ones with all the doonas, pillows and blankets in the house piled up on the lawn, and dragging the TV out as far as it can come before the power plug comes out)

♥ Music festivals.

♥ Summer just has this vibe about it. I mean, it's summer!

♥ The smell.

♥ Extra long holidays!

♥ Meeting new people on an otherwise lame family holiday to some random caravan park

♥ Boys.

♥ Topless boys.

♥ Walking around with a towel on is perfectly normal...

♥ are bare feet covered with sand.

♥ Walking around with a bunch of mates doing absolutely nothing and loving every moment of it.

♥ Being brown, despite health authority warnings. Whoops.

♥ 'Summer days, drifting away, but oh, those summer nights...'

♥ Sitting inside with the air con on, whilst everything outside is practically evaporating.

♥ It's summer. 'Nuff said.

But then, there's also that forgotten season, winter. (Sorry, what?)

♥ Sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate whilst everything else outside is frozen

♥ Rugging up with so many layers of clothing that you resemble an abominable snowman and can barely walk. But at least you're warm.

♥ Hoodies.

♥ Walking around in a close-knit group trying to steal each others body heat.

♥ Boys.

♥ Warm boys.

♥ Not having to shave your legs because they remain in hibernation for 3 months.

♥ Falling asleep on the lounge with a heap of blankets and pillows around you.

♥ Pillow pools! I used to call them nests when i was little. Basically getting every pillow, blanket, doona and anything else squashy and warm and building
a 'nest'. Then curling up with either a good book or movie.

♥ Being sick sucks. But the feeling when you're home from school/work and fall asleep in the middle of the day rocks. Especially when you hadn't had any sleep the night before.

♥ Demazin. Yummy yummy yummy.

♥ Chai lattes in front of the fire at the Lott. Yummmmmmmmy.

♥ Snowmen. When it actually snows.

♥ Snow. When it actually snows.

♥ Photo shoots in the snow. When it actually snows.

♥ Being snowed in. When it actually snows.

♥ It's soccer season!!

♥ No one cares what you look like when you're trying to stay warm.

There's always been that fight over which is better. Summer? Or winter? I can't decide. In winter I say summer, in summer I say winter.

What do you think?

B-doonk Tsch!

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